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LIP INK Lip Stain OFF Cleanser and Remover

OFF Cleanser

The first and last step.  LIP INK Off  Cleanser purifies your lips before application creating a better surface for the lip stain to adhere to. Removes everything from lip stains to carpet stains… all with healthy, natural, safe ingredients.


LIP INK Lip Shine Moisturizer

Shine Moisturizer

After cleansing with OFF solution hydrate your lips with any LIP INK Lip Moisturizer – Flavored, Tinted, Plumper, or Classic.


LIP INK Lip Stain Color

Lip Stain Color

100% smearproof, sweatproof, and waterproof.  Buildable color that’s so thin you can forget you’re wearing lip color!


LIP INK Lip Stain Kit

Smearproof Kit

3 Products.
2 Minutes.
100% Smearproof.
0 Compromise.




Natural, organic, kosher, vegan, wax-free botanical formula with 40+ vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants.

Made in USA

Hand-crafted in California with L.I.F.E. – Love. Integrity. Freedom. Empowerment.


We ♥ animals. No animal testing and no animal ingredients.

Sun Protection

Apply Shine Moisturizer before Lip Stain Color to keep lips hydrated and sun-protected.

Customer Testimonials

I used Lip Ink for over 20 years now and it is the BEST PRODUCT I invest in.  The customer service treat you like you are family and if there is a problem (which is very rare), it is fixed in no time at all.  I love you guys and keep up the great work..

Debra from San Dimas, CA

Thank you for the best lip product ever! Received it several days ago and completely happy with it!

Gilyan from Moscow, Russia

Best cosmetic purchase. I have been using Lip Ink products for over 7 years.  I can not imagine ever going back to regular waxed lipstick!

Shelley from Winter Garden, FL

I have been using liquid lip stain for about 12 years. Will never be without it!! Love love love this product!

Joyce from Great Bend, KS

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