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How long does LIP INK Lip Stain last?

When the Liquid Lip Stain is correctly used in conjuntion with the OFF Cleanser and Shine Moisturizer LIP INK Lip Stain is guaranteed smearproof and waterproof. The staying power can be from two hours to two days depending on several factors. These factors include the lip stain color (darker tends to outlast lighter), proper hydration, and proper application. Many LIP INK lovers apply in the morning and have perfect lips from dawn to dusk and when applied in the evening from dusk to dawn! Drinks, meals, showers, kisses, and more are no match for LIP INK!

What is your refund policy?

We offer refunds on unopened merchandise within 15 days.  Our goal has always been to create a happy, beautiful faces giving you the freedom to live life your way.  If you would like to see the technology in action without investing much please visit freelipink.com for details.  Before purchasing new colors you are always welcome to contact us so we may advise you if that is indeed the color you’ll love wearing.

What is the difference between “long-lasting” and “guaranteed smearproof”?
There is no connection between long lasting and guaranteed smearproof. “Long-lasting” means that the lip product will last a long time, with no guarantees and no promises or patents to back it up. “Guaranteed-smearproof” is transfer resistant and not affected by water or oil. This means the product is not only long lasting, but virtually impossible to smear. This is exclusive to LIP INK products. You can wear it to bed, shower with it, kiss your loved ones, and live your life with confidence that your lip color is staying where you left it!
How long will LIP INK last in the tube?

LIP INK products have a shelf life of 3 years, providing the cap is closed tightly after each application, and it is not stored in extreme heat. If applied daily, each tube will last approximately 3 months.

What if you don’t have my lip color?
Because LIP INK colors are a sheer liquid, they can be applied to the skin in up to three layers. LIP INK’s patented layering process allows you to layer the colors, one over another to achieve your desired color. Colors layered under and over eachother create different results than when applied in opposite order. You can always use the same color in one, two or three layers to create dimension and definition. If a color seems too dark you can blot the applicator with a tissue before applying. This allows you to achieve a color as unique as you!
Is LIP INK safe and natural?

Yes.  LIP INK Liquid Lip Color is made from over 40 herbs, botanicals, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, natural sun filters, and FDA approved pigments, all in a natural corn grain ethanol base. They are organic, vegan, kosher and natural, which means no bees wax, no synthetic waxes or artificial preservatives. It’s not only good for you but it’s good for the environment!

Can I just buy a lip color?

Yes, but it’s designed to be used in a 3 product system to ensure 100% smearproof results.  New customers find kits the most convenient way to get started with any LIP INK guaranteed smearproof products.  Without the OFF solution and the SHINE moisturizer, the lip color will not work as intended. LIP INK products are not compatible with any other cosmetics on the market because of its wax-free nature. The lip stain kits contain everything you need to achieve beautiful smearproof lips!